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Hello, all my Gorgeouses:

I’m soooooo sorry I’ve been behind on my entries. I’ve been busy working on some projects that I can’t really get to in depth at the moment, but as soon as the time is right and the situation allows myself to fill you in, I’ll be sure to do so ASAP.

Some of you may watch or listen to my weekly radio show that I co-host with Allison Moore. This week, we had Derrick Pierce on, who is adult male talent and has been a friend of Allison’s and mine for many years. He’s somewhat of veteran. He has a lot to talk about, and not just about the industry, but he also touches dating and women in general.

Something I felt I needed to talk about is some of the things I say on the show. The shows name is COCKtails with Kimber and Allison, so obviously there’s alcohol in studio while we’re on air. I’m a person that is so shy, and I have to drink in order to loosen up and be more personable. Unfortunately, sometimes the alcohol removes a filter I would normally have and I end up saying a lot on air that I’m ashamed of. Once the alcohol wears off and I’ve realized what I’ve said, I’m aware that some things could be considered down right mean. I apologize to anyone that takes offense to it or who I directed it to. From now on I’m going to take more responsibility and pay more attention to what I’m saying and how much I’m drinking.

I hope all of you are enjoying all the scenes and pictures. There are some more things coming up that you haven’t seen from me yet, so stay tuned!!!!

Until next week,

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