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Through the years I’ve had many outfits i’ve worn for different photo shoots and videos. Some of it has been in storage for years and I thought now be a good time to start letting go of some old memories and emotional attachments I had to certain items. So if your interested you should defiantly take a look. The store is called KimbersTreasures1. With every item bought you will also receive a personalized autographed photo from me wearing the item you’ve purchased.




Hope your all well


Kimber XXXXX



5 Responses to “My EBAY store is officially open!!”

  1. Cicero Says:

    Good night, Kimber James (Barbier),’ve dreamed so many times with you my princess. My goddess you already made ​​several wishes, dreams of so many people. Maybe this life never meet to give a warm hug her gorgeous body. I wish you would meet my desire, conditions would have to submit a panty, shorts or sweats, with an autographed photo and DVD of his last film.


    Country: Brazil
    City: Christmas
    State: RN
    City: Christmas

  2. Kimber James Says:

    Hi there,
    Thanks for the kind words. If you would like to purchase an personal items like photos, clothing, or choes you can go to my ebay store. The store is called Kimberstreasures1. If you would like to buy any DVDs you can purchase them on my website http://www.BustyKimber.com

  3. Cicero Says:

    Now I’ll have some that touched her beautiful body, and made ​​her sigh my poor heart, I feel your natural blackberry that dominated my heart,

    The nature was so grateful to you, the bearer of a unique beauty and sensuality.

    any days that will meet Brazil.

  4. Nancy Pants Says:

    Hi Kimber, I recently saw you for the 1st time on Botched and the update show as well. I just want to say that you are BEAUTIFUL, really, inside and out. And I think you are an amazing and strong woman. Be proud!!! I could go on and on, I just wanted to tell you that you are an inspiration and I saw a huge change in you between the Before & After (on the inside I mean) obviously you LOOK amazing as well!! You just seem “happy” and content.. I wish you all the best in school and or whatever else you choose to do, And you made me laugh girl! OMG! Your episode is hilarious!! All that, and brains & a sense of humour too!! 😉 Keep on Smiling!!!
    Take Care,
    Nancy Pants xxoo

  5. Kimber James Says:

    Thats so sweet of you, thank you sooooo much. I LOVE hearing when people can see me for myself.

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